Why PersonalLoanLeads.Com collects personal information?

PersonalLoanLeads.Com’s goal is to serve customers to the best of our ability. Gathering personal information from you allows us to serve you better. Information is obtained from applications and other materials that you submit to us at the time service is requested as well as in telephone conversations. We typically collect information about online activity on our website in order to determine ways to make the site more user-friendly but we do not collect information that identifies you as an individual without your knowledge. PersonalLoanLeads.Com regards this information as “confidential personal information” and for the purpose of this notice we will refer to it as “personal information”.

Under what circumstances PersonalLoanLeads.Com shares personal information Information gathered helps us deliver services to you. Business affiliates require this information so that they may assist us in providing you with the services you request. When sharing your personal information it will comply with and follow guidelines as required by law. Out of respect for your privacy we will only share your personal information when it is a necessary component in the delivery of services paid for.
Opt Out Clause

Customers may opt out of our Privacy Policy by emailing us at info@PersonalLoanLeads.Com. Measures Taken To Protect Personal Information

We understand that your personal and confidential information is important to you. Only the representatives of PersonalLoanLeads.Com that are necessary to deliver services paid for have access to personal information and our employees have all been educated in the importance of keeping personal information safe. We maintain strict compliance policies for information collected both physically and electronically to protect the information we collect about you. If submitting inquiries to us and making purchases over the Internet, all information transmitted from your browser and our server is encrypted to insure the protection of your information. Electronic firewalls are also in place to safeguard your personal information. The accuracy and completeness of the information we obtain from you is very important and if you see or know of information in our records that lead you to believe the information is incorrect please contact us so we are able to update them properly. Our ability to serve you is only as good as the accuracy of the information we have for you.

Cookies are small string of text files which pass information back and forth from our servers to your computer. Most websites use cookies with the purpose of tracking online marketing campaigns and customizing your web experience with us. Privacy Policy Changes And Updates

PersonalLoanLeads.Com maintains the right to change the privacy policy at any time. Changes to this privacy notice will be posted on the PersonalLoanLeads.Com website at least thirty (30) days in advance of their implementation, and will apply to only the confidential personal information collected from you after the changes to the privacy policy are put into place.
Contact Us

You may reach us at any time at email info@PersonalLoanLeads.Com.